Accountability and integrity in the public sector is critical in if it is to deliver good outcomes for the Western Australian community. The public sector in WA employs around 140,000 people across its departments and agencies.

Occasional allegations and findings of corruption within the public services of Australia identify that despite best efforts within departments, corruption can still occur. Importantly they demonstrate that existing mechanisms of multiple levels of oversight are effective at identifying and investigating breaches. However, as corruption is ever present, leaders within the sector are met with the challenge of developing systems of controls and balances that are dynamic in response.

IPAA WA presents this important conversation over a series of interviews and a concluding live panel that discuss the findings of recent reports in Western Australia, confront existing challenges of culture and accountability within the sector; identify where current practices may have fallen down; and discuss how proposed new strategies are fit to serve the sector in the decades ahead.

Our speakers will provide you with insights into how to identify issues, evaluate, and strengthen your own systems of integrity and accountability. 

Topics Include

  • Foundations for trust: strengthening a culture of integrity in the public sector
  • Finding the balance: risk vs control
  • Under the spotlight: evaluating and rebuilding integrity and accountability systems