Before alternative facts leading researchers and communicators were working to counter misinformation. In the midst of a pandemic the task of countering ‘fake’ news, alternative facts and misinformation has only become more pressing for the public sector communication professionals.

Through the lenses of philosopher and practitioner we extend our exploration of trust from its very source to the words and images that reach citizens. 
Our newly confirmed guest speaker, Dr Erin Nash, will explore critical issues including the information is allowed into the development of public policy and when? Who is evaluating the information sources? How can you as a communications professional use philosophical inquiry to deepen your understanding of issues even in the face of the many pressures surrounding modern public service? 
Our panel of highly experienced practitioners will pick up on Erin’s presentation and share their experiences of translating critical scientific information into trusted, meaningful and effective public communication campaigns. 
Attend this session and you will leave with a fresh perspective on your work and an update on the latest techniques to deliver effective, trusted, campaigns in the modern environment.

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Useful resources

‘The Debunking Handbook’ 2020 edition written by 22 experts, provides useful strategies for countering misinformation that can be so damaging to trust. 


  • Trust
  • Navigating the unknown on behalf of and with citizens
  • Countering misinformation
  • Communicating science