2023 IPAA WA State Budget Briefing

With a global recession looming how has the state budget prepared Western Australia for the likely downturn in tax revenue? What are the implications for you and your organisation’s ability to design and deliver services for citizens in the coming years?

The 2023 IPAA WA State Budget Briefing will:

  • provide you with access to expert insight into our state’s preparedness for economic downturn,
  • give you valuable additional information and opinion to inform strategic planning, and
  • give public service professionals across a range of professional backgrounds and responsibilities an easily understood, comprehensive understanding of the budget and its impact on the public service.

You will benefit from attending if:

  • you have, or aspire to, responsibilities under the Public Sector Commission’s Leadership Capability Framework to understand the context in which your organisation operates,
  • your work is subject to the annual budget cycle and you want to know more about why,
  • you wish to sustain or increase your capability as a professional public servant to deliver meaningful support to the leadership of your business area and organisation.

We are delighted to continue our partnership with The Grattan Institute by bringing their CEO and internationally respected economist, Danielle Wood to Perth as a keynote speaker. Danielle’s perspective on global and national economic factors driving public budgets in Australia will provide you with immediate insight to update your planning and a ready reckoner for further research.

Michael Court’s sharp precis of the state budget delivered in the plain English for which he and the Under-Treasurer have become renowned will ensure you leave the session with clearer understanding of what is a dense, lengthy and highly important public policy document.

Last but not least, we welcome KPMG as our new sponsor and with that Lance Glare as our new MC. Lance’s public service career including his key role in Infrastructure WA ensure that you are in safe hands on the day.

The 2023 IPAA WA Budget Briefing is proudly sponsored by KPMG

Presenters and MC