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The primary vehicle for accountability in the Public Sector has been and always will be the way agencies report their performance.

The W.S. Lonnie Awards recognise the importance of Annual Reports being accountable and transparent in a succinct and independent way. All State agencies are eligible and are automatically considered as part of the judging process. 2023 marks the 38th Anniversary of this long-standing and prestigious event.

Support your organisation as it vies for the prestigious W.S. Lonnie Memorial Trophy. Winners will be announced on the day.

View past winners here.


Bronze Awards demonstrate high levels of accountability and good reporting to Parliament, the community and key stakeholder groups.

Silver Awards exceed the criteria and are considered to demonstrate particularly good reporting and accountability.

Gold Awards excel in accountability and annual reporting. Annual reports that receive this award have exceeded the requirements and are considered model reports.

Major Awards

Margaret McAleer Special Commendation: The award is presented at the discretion of the panel for an outstanding report that, in some respect, establishes a benchmark to which others should aspire.

The Allan Skinner Trophy: Awarded to the best annual report in the General Government Sector.

The Margaret Nadebaum Trophy: Awarded to the best annual report in the Government Enterprise Sector.

The WS Lonnie Memorial Trophy: Awarded to the best annual report for the year.

There are six additional Specialist Awards for 2023 that will be presented on the day.

Thank you to the Sponsors of the Specialist Awards.

Specialist Awards

Office of the Auditor General Award for Transparency and Accountability
State Records Commission Award for Excellence in Records and Information Management‚Äč

CPA Australia Award for Performance Reporting

Public Sector Commission Award for Good Governance
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Award for Chief Financial Officer of the Year
  Award for Complaints Handling