What We Do

  • Advance the sharing of ideas and knowledge by providing an impartial environment for dynamic debate.
  • Connect people and ideas by providing networking opportunities to meet colleagues from all levels of government, and establish links with academics and industry specialists.
  • Celebrate the public sector by showcasing best practice, recognising excellence through award programs, and promoting the public sector as a fulfilling and challenging career.
  • Learn from our members and partners, through exposure to cutting edge ideas and practices,  to provide thought leadership events and training.

How We Do It

The Institute offers extensive opportunities to enrich your professional development through workshops, seminars, briefings and customised programs:

  • keeping you ahead of the trends – our forums and seminars bring you the best of Local, National, and International practitioners and academics
  • keeping you informed – through Special Interest Groups, Regional Networks, publications and our website
  • improving your skills and knowledge – through a broad range of public sector specific training offered by our training and development program.

We offer the following services to our members and the broader public sector community:


Becoming a Member is open to any individual passionate about their career and the professionalism and reputation of the public sector in WA. Membership of the Institute is perfect for those interested in getting involved, adding value and working on building meaningful networks and friendships.


We offer over 50 courses ranging from half and full day courses to a comprehensive leadership development program across key public sector skillsets. Our courses are interactive, educational and entertaining; presented in a way which helps you develop your existing skills and experience needed to excel in the public sector.


We offer a range of high quality events – from influential international speakers to intimate executive leadership events – all bringing you the latest thinking and innovation in public administration.


Our online resource centre provides access to the latest research and thinking in the field of public administration, as well as the opportunity to view our event presentations from anywhere in the world.