Leader of the Year Working in the Not for Profit Sector

The winner of this award will be leading an organisation and would have clearly demonstrated leadership qualities. He/she will be respected and demonstrate excellence in leading an organisation to meet designated objectives and outcomes in the interests of public service and advancing excellence within the sector.

Open To

  • Individuals only.
  • Must be currently working in the identified category in WA or have worked there during the preceding financial year.

Nominated By

Third party only.


  • C1: Provide a summary of the nominee’s leadership philosophy and the principles they bring to their organisation.
  • C2: Outline how the nominee has achieved significant strategic outcomes for their organisation.
  • C3: Describe how the nominee has demonstrated excellence in public policy or in assisting the delivery of public services or in delivering services to the public sector over recent years.
  • C4: Describe how the nominee provides excellent leadership within their organisation and/or during their career.
  • C5: Using examples, demonstrate how the nominee’s organisation has enhanced outcomes for the community as a result of the nominee’s leadership.

How to nominate for this award:

  1. Click here to download and complete the Award Assessment Criteria (note: page limits apply).
  2. Upload the completed Assessment Criteria with a brief summary statement to the Online Entry Form.


  1. Paste your response to the Award Criteria directly into the Online Entry Form (note: word limits apply).

Please ensure you have carefully read the How to Nominate page.