Public Sector Commission Young Leader of the Year

The winner of this award will have emerging leadership qualities; a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to learning. Making a difference by demonstrating best practice in the public service.

Open To

  • Individuals only.
  • Must be under 35 years of age and be currently be working in the public service.

Nominated By

Third party only.


  • C1: Provide a summary of achievement within the nominee’s current organisation.
  • C2: Outline how the nominee has improved the effectiveness of their area of responsibility in; service delivery to their community or industry sector or contributed to the general goals of the organisation as a whole.
  • C3: Provide a statement on what the nominee strives to achieve in 5 years’ time. 
  • C4: Describe how the nominee provides excellent leadership within their organisation and/or during their career.

How to nominate for this award:

  1. Click here to download and complete the Award Assessment Criteria (note: page limits apply).
  2. Upload the completed Assessment Criteria with a brief summary statement to the Online Entry Form.


  1. Paste your response to the Award Criteria directly into the Online Entry Form (note: word limits apply).

Please ensure you have carefully read the How to Nominate page.