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Event Date
28 Jul 2021
2021 Leadership Briefs
Three part series focussing on three (3) key issues: frontline service delivery, the future of flexible work, and mental health and wellbeing of staff

Event Date
28 Jul 2021
2021 Leadership Briefs: Flexible work arrangements
Future prospects and managing productivity
Reflecting on lessons that have been learnt in the past year, this session will retool public sector professionals on how to lead remote teams, increase productivity of flexible workers and discuss flexible work arrangements prospects in the years to come.

Event Date
04 Aug 2021
2021 Leadership Briefs: Mental health and wellbeing
Managing stress and leading mentally healthy workplaces
This seminar is a must attend if you are interested in hearing about how you can manage stress and avoid burn-out whilst maintaining your productivity.

Event Date
13 Aug 2021
2021 Leadership Briefs: Frontline service delivery
Maintaining the gains and meeting evolving public needs
What next for frontline public service delivery as economic recovery policies are being implemented alongside management of the virus? What service models need to stay or evolve and what skills are required to cope into the immediate future?

Event Date
19 Aug 2021
LEAD Professional Development Mini Series

Event Date
26 Aug 2021
Member Mentoring with David Etherton - CEO of VenuesWest
Personal Members Only
This group mentoring session provides IPAA WA Personal Members with the opportunity to engage with and seek advice on how to fulfil their potential from senior public service leaders in an informal, small group setting.

Event Date
08 Sep 2021
Seamless Service Delivery
Embracing Digital
This full-day conference features a program of speakers and topics going beyond the technical to explore the realities and next phases of the implementation of citizen-centric service delivery including those that are supported by the whole of government digital transformation strategy.

Event Date
17 Sep 2021
2021 IPAA WA Budget Briefing
Hear an assessment of the current state of public finances, the most important factors in the today’s economic environment shaping the future, and importantly the underlying assumptions behind this year’s budget.

Event Date
19 Nov 2021
Women in Public Sector Leadership 2021
Returning in November this year, this full day conference will provide an in-depth discussion of the critical issues affecting the advancement of women into leadership roles in the public sector.