Leadership Programs

We design and deliver engaging and practical leadership programs to meet the needs of our clients. We are particularly experienced in developing programs for the public sector environment. We can work closely with you to develop a program specifically for your organisation.

Call us on 9360 1400 or email here to arrange a time to discuss the leadership development needs of your team. 

Program Development Process

In order to be absolutely clear on your desired outcomes and expectations we would hold an initial meeting with your key stakeholders to clarify your needs and expectations in detail. We would work collaboratively with you through each stage of the project to ensure that our program delivers on your expectations. 

We welcome honest and open input and feedback to guarantee the program is contextually relevant, targeted, high impact and delivers on expectations. We would work to form a strong relationship with you that enables authentic and open communication during the entire project. Throughout the program we will provide feedback to you with regard to any significant trends identified. 

Leadership Development Program

The Institute has partnered with TLC Solutions to develop a 3 month Leadership Development Program. The program is aimed at Level 4 to 6 employees who are identified as having high potential for leadership roles.

The objective of the program is to enhance your organisations leadership capacity and to develop emerging leaders within your agency. The program is developed over a 3 month period and comprised of three workshops (half and full day) with an action learning / group coaching session held in between each workshop.

The workshops are structured to meet the needs of the participants and focus on four main areas;

  1. Self
  2. Performance
  3. Change
  4. Support

At the conclusion of each workshop, individuals are reviewed and set action plans based on their key learning. The action learning groups provide an opportunity to reflect on how individuals are progressing with their action plans.

Agencies that have used this program:

  • Department of State Development
  • Department of Mines and Petroleum
  • Department of Regional Development and Lands
  • Wheat Belt Mental Health


For further information or to discuss what we can do for you, please phone us on (08) 9360 1400 or email info@ipaawa.org.au