As a leading training provider to the WA public sector, the Institute is recognised for its outstanding service and for delivering relevant, professional, high-quality  learning and development programs.

The Public Service Training program aims to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities that government organisations need now and into the future.

The content of each course is based on research conducted with public sector organisations and supports current government policy directions.

The Public Service Training program also offers outstanding, competitively-priced in-agency courses that are a flexible and cost effective way of delivering training solutions to groups in your organisation.

Training Services

Our Approach to Learning

The Institute understands that adults learn best when the course content is directly relevant to their needs and when theory is reinforced in interactive sessions and practical exercises.

Our facilitators apply the principles of adult learning when delivering training programs. This approach incorporates action learning that builds on and uses participants’ prior knowledge and experience. The skills, knowledge and tools developed in the programs can be taken back to the workplace and applied immediately.