Building and Leading High Performance Teams

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The Corona Virus has had a dramatic impact on how we do business.  Many organisations have been forced to reconsider their working arrangements and how they perform their business.  Large components of the workforce have been forced to work from home and adopt virtual ways of working.  For some individuals this represents a minor shift, but for others it will dramatically impact their working relationships, workplace dynamics and leadership focus.  

One thing is for sure, workplace teams will need to think about what they need to be doing differently to enable and maintain high performance in this new world that we find ourselves in.  What will be the new performance requirements in the virtual world, where teams are experiencing disruption, uncertainty and new challenges on a daily basis?

This workshop has been specifically customised and contextualised to support leaders through the Covid-19 crisis.  Leaders will come away with clear and focused strategies to develop and lead their teams amidst the uncertainty and establish critical competencies that will enable performance now and well into the future.

Course Content

  • What makes a high performance team?
    • different views of high performance teams
    • critical factors for a high performance team – the non-negotiables
  • Tuckman Model of team development
  • TLC Solutions HPET framework for building a high performance team
    • Q1:  Clarity of Purpose
    • Q2:  Calm and Self-directed
    • Q3:  Shared Why and How
    • Q4:  Confident and Collaborative
  • Key models and frameworks to develop your team development gaps

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the critical attributes of high performing teams
  • Understand their role in accelerating the team’s development and capability
  • Assess the unique needs of their team and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Implement a range of strategies to enhance team performance

Benefits to your organisation

  • Rapid and purposeful team development and enhancement
  • Aligned teams with shared purpose and clarity with regard to an agreed way of working
  • Increased team cohesion and capacity to work together as a high performing team
  • A focus on accountability, performance and continuous improvement

Benefits to you

  • A clear understanding of the attributes of high performing teams and the symptoms of underperformance
  • A clear understanding of your role in developing a high performing team
  • A framework for evaluating your team’s competence and effectiveness
  • A toolbox of strategies to enhance team performance and cohesion