Job Application and Interview Skills for the Public Sector

This course maps to capability:

Important: Before registering, please click here to read some important information relating to COVID-19 requirements and IPAA WA in-person training.


Gain insights into the latest tools and selection techniques used in the Public Sector to improve your application preparation. Learn how to prepare for an interview and maximise your performance.

Understand the skills and qualities public sector agencies are looking for in employees. Discover how individual personal abilities measure up against the capability framework, identify the challenges in marketing yourself for career opportunities and learn new ways to confidently approach the job selection process.

Participants are encouraged to bring along to the workshop a copy of their resume, an application, job advert or JDF. 

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop and the amount of feedback given by the facilitator, participant numbers are capped at 15.

Course Content

  • Reflect on and assess your skills and capabilities
  • Understand how to write a contemporary resume and application using practical tips and exercises.
  • Learn how to manage nerves, perform confidently and respond to different types of interview questions. 
  • Understand how to prepare for an interview.
  • Identify strategies to manage self and remain competitive.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • identify strengths and development needs, and complete a personal development plan;
  • understand their core skills and capabilities;
  • know how to prepare a resume and address agency specific requirements in an application;
  • understand how to gather the best examples from their career and know how to write them up;
  • be familiar with the types of questions they might be asked in an interview; and
  • understand why they feel nervous, learn strategies to deal with nerves and prepare themselves to perform confidently at interview. 

Benefits to your organisation

  • Maximise your applicant pool
  • Achieve the ‘best fit'
  • Build internal capacity and capability
  • Improve reputation as an employee of choice

Benefits to you

  • Identify your strengths and development needs
  • Know how to prepare a resume and address agency specific requirements in an application.
  • Maximise your performance in an interview.
  • Improved self-awareness, confidence and job ready skills.