Outcomes Based Performance of Remote Teams

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Managers of remote teams can’t rely upon their eyes and spontaneous workplace interactions to support the tracking and monitoring of individual and organisational goals. How do we respond? Working from home requires performance management approaches that emphasise tangible, granular, measurable outcomes - an explicit project management methodology for outcomes based performance management. Additionally, remote working represents an opportunity to both provide greater autonomy to employees while giving managers greater agility, increased outcome transparency and an opportunity to boost productivity. Among a range of topics, this course will equip managers with the tools to better ensure outcomes based performance of remote teams.

Course Content

  • Unpacking managers’ queries/fears/hopes about managing staff working remotely
  • Testing assumptions about remote workers (e.g. exploring research on remote productivity, considering the body of knowledge and practice that already exists)
  • Understanding public sector managers’ rights and responsibilities for managing remote staff particularly during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Best practice case studies in both the WA public sector and the private sector globally
  • Moving to an outcomes-based performance management approach (e.g. setting achievable daily/weekly targets for staff, ensuring regular reporting on progress, providing regular feedback)
  • Practical strategies for putting an Outcomes Based Performance Management Framework into practice (e.g. weekly online meetings, regular phone calls/emails, success celebrations)
  • Where to from here? How can you access further advice and support?

Course Outcomes

  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your remote setting and understand the concepts, principles and responsibilities which underpin successful flexible working arrangements
  • Gain an understanding and awareness of outcomes based management and identify/develop a personalised strategy
  • Engage with best practice examples of remote work solutions within the public sector
  • Broaden your management capabilities to better accommodate and effectively manage the remote work environment

Benefits to Your Organisation:

  • Increased transparency and articulation of desired outcomes, standards and results
  • Improved productivity, agility and efficacy of remote teams
  • Delivery on personal managerial goals and organisational outcomes
  • Greater uptake of, and engagement with, your agency’s performance management framework

Benefits to You:

  • Improved ability to manage remote teams
  • Improved capacity to manage operational change and support employee success
  • Gain tools and strategies to enhance productivity and team engagement
  • Stronger focus on documenting, tracking and achieving tangible, granular outcomes