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Accountability: Building a Performance Culture

Accountability: Building a Performance Culture

Gain the right skills and confidence to drive change, foster growth, and inspire high-performing teams.


Organisations and their leaders talk often about the benefits of accountability. Many of these organisations possess “Accountability” as an organisational value, yet very few leaders or organisations have a clear understanding of what Accountability is, or how to develop accountability within an individual, team or organisation. A performance culture (or a culture of accountability) is one in which individuals deliver on their promises. Similarly, they do not promise or undertake to do something unless they can achieve it to the desired standard within the specified timeframes.

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of what is required to create a performance culture through clearly articulated work requests and being prepared to evaluate performance, provide meaningful feedback and importantly, hold individuals to account. Too often we witness the symptoms of a lack of accountability: blame, denial, low standards, and under-performance. This workshop is targeted at managers and leaders who wish to drive performance by taking personal accountability for their role and empowering their team members to do the same. Now, more than ever Accountability is the key to optimal performance.

Course Content

  • benefits of personal accountability and the consequences of avoidance of accountability
  • workplace symptoms of a culture devoid of accountability
  • key drivers of accountability
  • strategies to build accountability in individuals, teams and organisations
  • constructive strategies for difficult conversations and holding team members to account.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • understand the importance of personal accountability and the consequences of a lack of accountability.
  • be able to recognise the symptoms of a culture devoid of accountability.
  • understand the key drivers of accountability and why they are important.
  • develop a set of strategies to establish accountability and hold team members to account.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Increased focus on results, performance and delivery of outcomes.
  • Less blame, denial, confusion and other symptoms of a lack of accountability.
  • Less time and energy and money wasted on avoiding issues and challenges.
  • More action, ownership, responsibility, trust, freedom and productivity.

Benefits to the individual

  • Accepting personal accountability builds your value to the organisation and increases your productivity and personal effectiveness.
  • Accountability will help you to rise above challenges and direct influence on your surroundings.
  • Building accountability in your team will lift performance, build resilience and reflect positively on your leadership.
This course provided me with a better understanding of what is meant by ‘accountability’. E.g. following process is not the same as ensuring people feel and act accountably.

Accountability: Building a Performance Culture

Date/s, Time & Venue

30 Aug 2024
9:00am - 4:30pm
Online (Virtual Classroom)

Career Stage

Leadership , Managers


Leadership & Management

Class Size

Maximum 20



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Online Virtual Classroom
Corporate Member (Online)
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