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Building and Leading High Performance Teams

Building and Leading High Performance Teams

Based on a 10-year meta-analysis of high performing teams research, fundamental framework in this workshop will help you to harness your team's unique talents to achieve organisational success though clarity, cohesion, and accountability.


This workshop is an absolute must for those leaders seeking to build a high performing, effective team where the unique talents and attributes of all members are harnessed, leveraged and aligned to achieve organisational outcomes.

Based on a 10-year meta-analysis of high performing teams research, the TLC Solutions’ High Performing Elite Teams (HPET) Model forms the fundamental framework for this workshop. The model provides a highly practical framework to achieve elite performance and allows participants to identify and focus on key areas of team development back in the workplace. In addition, participants will be provided with a framework for assessing the developmental needs of their team, understanding the critical risks at each stage and identify leadership focus areas.

Whether you are a seasoned or emerging leader, this workshop provides a fantastic opportunity to reflect on your team, identify improvement opportunities and build strategies to enhance the performance of your team.

Course Content

  • What makes a high-performance team?
    • different views of high-performance teams
    • critical factors for a high-performance team – the non-negotiables
  • Tuckman Model of team development.
  • TLC Solutions HPET framework for building a high-performance team:
    • Q1: Clarity of Purpose,
    • Q2: Calm and Self-directed,
    • Q3: Shared Why and How,
    • Q4: Confident and Collaborative.
  • Key models and frameworks to unlock your team’s full potential.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the critical attributes of high performing teams
  • Understand their role in accelerating the team’s development and capability
  • Assess the unique needs of their team and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Implement a range of strategies to enhance team performance

Benefits to your organisation

  • Rapid, proactive and purposeful team development and enhancement.
  • Aligned teams with shared purpose and clarity with regard to an agreed way of working.
  • Increased team cohesion and capacity to work together as a high performing team.
  • A focus on accountability, performance and continuous improvement.

Benefits to the individual

  • A clear understanding of the attributes of high performing teams and the symptoms of underperformance.
  • A clear understanding of your role in developing a high performing team.
  • A framework for evaluating your team’s competence and effectiveness.
  • A toolbox of strategies to enhance team performance and cohesion.
The high performing team framework was helpful to look at areas for improvement and understand how gaps might be leading to challenges with team performance.

Building and Leading High Performance Teams

Date/s, Time & Venue

13 Aug 2024
9:00am - 4:30pm
Face-to-face (Perth CBD)

Career Stage

Leadership , Managers


Leadership & Management

Class Size

Maximum 20



Prices exclude GST and are subject to change

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Corporate Member
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