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Creative minds, Creative futures

Thinking Differently in the Public Sector

Creative minds, Creative futures

Explore the creative process through four distinct phases and come away confident to take creative risks and share your ideas.


We live in an exciting and dynamic time where service innovation, organisational and individual creativity have become the expectation rather than the exception. There is an insatiable appetite for invention. These endless possibilities have increased the pressure on agencies to open their decision-making processes to new ways of thinking. To throw open their doors and release their staff from the shackles of traditional thinking in an increasingly complex world.

This workshop is aimed specifically at supporting individuals through their creative thinking journey. The core learning outcome from the workshop is Individuals will be more confident to take creative risks and share their ideas.

This workshop will use a topical case study to guide participants on an Action Learning journey, exploring the creative process through four distinct phases.

Influenced by Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) will explore the topic using new processes. They will work in self-organising small teams. These processes will encourage sharing, listening and creating an agreed outcome for the following phase. At the end of the day, participants will present their shared, imaginative and insightful ideas to a former State Government CEO who will provide feedback on the presentations as well as insights into innovation at the executive level of the public sector and suggestions for how the teams might consider their next steps.

Course Content

  • Participative learning techniques will be used to teach and practise the following concepts and skills
  • Key concepts in creative systems thinking and narrative development Discover – the importance of social and political context and the use of rich pictures or mind maps to understand complexity
  • Design – deliberation on the rich possibilities through appreciation of worldviews and a systematic exploration of the complex drivers surrounding the chosen topic
  • Develop – Preparing to present creative ideas and central role of narrative to present options in an engaging manner.
  • Reflect – The importance of the reflective practitioner.

Course Outcomes

  • Appreciate social and political context and the influence of worldviews
  • How to identify what is happening on the fringes
  • Understanding emergence as a concept
  • Work in a team environment to generate creative ideas
  • Appreciate the influence of worldviews
  • Transform a preferred model into narratives for wider consultation
  • Maintain creative enthusiasm in the face of opposition.

Benefits to your organisation

  • New approaches to old problems
  • enhanced capacity to appreciate and respond to complexity
  • Make full use of employee potential
  • Improved work satisfaction and engagement across the organisation.

Benefits to you

  • Increased confidence to explore new ideas and be creative
  • Using creative thinking to identify alternative future pathways
  • Skills and methods that enable you to make a difference.

Creative minds, Creative futures

Date/s, Time & Venue

No course dates available.

Career Stage

Managers , New Recruits/Graduates , Team Members


Personal Development

Class Size

Maximum 20



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