The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic required the public service to become agile and adapt swiftly to new policies, operating environments and work arrangements to sustain changed and in some instances increased demand for public services.

How public sector leaders and professionals intend maintaining and leveraging on the agility gains of the service in recent times has become critical. As the economy opens up, federal, state and local government agencies are going through a phased transition to the ‘future normal’ of public service delivery and work arrangements.

A number of issues are emerging including: 

What do public sector leaders expect of staff going forward in the delivery of services? Which recent transformations should be leveraged or stopped?

How should public sector professionals position themselves to be more productive? Recent studies suggest that new and old skills are required in the future public sector workforce

How best can the mental health and wellbeing of staff be managed as they go through different challenging work transitions?

This special three part Leadership Briefs seminar series provides an engaging platform for public sector leaders to interact with members of the service to reflect on the gains of the recent past, develop innovative skills and chart pathways for the future by focussing on three (3) key issues:

  1. Frontline service delivery
  2. The future of flexible work
  3. Mental health and wellbeing of staff.

More information on each session is outlined below. 

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Session 1: 28 July 2021

Flexible work arrangements: Future prospects and managing productivity


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Session 2: 4 August 2021

Mental health and wellbeing: Managing stress and leading mentally healthy workplaces


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Session 3: 13 August

Frontline service delivery: Maintaining the gains and meeting evolving public needs


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