Member Mentoring with Kaylene Gulich, CEO of the WATC

Personal Members Only

Across all three levels of government and the community sector there exists a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom that we now make available to you through an informal small group mentoring session.

Mentoring is an effective process for the transfer of professional skills and benefits mentees through support for skills and knowledge development It is designed to provide an additional layer of career and professional development.

By attending mentees will:

  • Develop personal skills and self-confidence.
  • Gain a broader understanding of the public sector and the role of IPAA
  • Develop relationships with more senior colleagues to explore career and professional pathways in a supportive, informal environment. 

Topics you may wish to discuss at the session include:

  • Leadership styles and attributes
  • Networks: building, sustaining etc.
  • Personal presentation and communication skills ( e.g. resumes, interviews, public speaking)
  • Working with others in teams: as a member; as a leader
  • Managing performance (your own and others)

It is important to understand that mentoring is one component of a professional development plan. It is focused on career and professional development conversations. It complements skill development training and is not a substitute for emotional support systems such as counselling.

The group mentoring concept will see well credentialed IPAA members and leaders invited to engage with eight IPAA members over a light meal to provide advice and insight as to fulfilling your potential.


Kaylene Gulich
Chief Executive Officer
Western Australian Treasury Corporation

Ms Gulich commenced as CEO of WATC in February 2019.

Ms Gulich has extensive public policy experience, knowledge of the financial markets, and expertise of the Western Australian economy. Ms Gulich has previously held senior roles within the Department of Treasury, most recently as the Executive Director of the Economic Business Unit. In this role, Ms Gulich was responsible for the State’s economic and revenue forecasts, revenue policies and Commonwealth-State financial relations, and supporting Government to achieve good regulatory practice and priority microeconomic reforms.

Prior to this role, Ms Gulich was the Executive Director for Infrastructure and Finance, where she was responsible for the provision of advice, systems and operations critical to the State’s financial management. Since 2013, Ms Gulich has been responsible for the Commercial Advisory function within Treasury, with oversight at a whole-of-government level regarding the commercial and financial risk aspects of major Government contracts and commercial transactions.

As well as being a member of CPA Australia, and the AICD, Ms Gulich has previously been a Director with Gold Corporation and a member of their Audit and Risk Committee. She has previously held the Deputy Chairperson position on WATC’s board, and is currently a Director on VenuesWest’s board.