The primary vehicle for accountability in the Public Sector has been and always will be the way agencies report their performance.

Bringing together an insightful panel, this session will explore how the Western Australian public sector responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on shaping how we work in the future. It will examine some of the key skills envisioned for the future of work and what the new way of working is starting to look like 1.5 years after the pandemic has hit the globe. 

Topic areas

  • Celebrating how we have responded to the pandemic in the public service
  • How the nature of work in the public sector has been reshaped
  • How the pandemic has influenced and impacted leadership in the workplace


Ilka Novak
Director COVID-19 Communications
Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Susie Williams
North West Regional Manager
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation


Michael Worthington
Manager Environmental Health
City of Bayswater

Key Takeaways

  1. We have been forced to work in new, creative and different ways
  2. The pandemic has highlighted how we can be flexible and work in an agile way
  3. The public service has unrealised potential of technology and human capability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. 
  4. Current and future skills needed for the future of work in a post – COVID-19 pandemic world. 

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