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This series is developed in collaboration with EY

The Series

This Community of Practice (CoP) is dedicated to discussing and collaborating on the issues of most importance to you as members. This CoP is established to bring together Chief Information Officers (CIO) from all levels of government and the NFP sector to enable ongoing collaboration and shared problem solving. Regular in person sessions will be convened throughout the year around topics as determined by suggestions and feedback.

Session One | 10 August 2023

The first session was held on the 10th of August 2023 at EY, Level 5, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth. The session was facilitated by Ben Day and included two remarkable speakers: Tim Hume, Consultant, Previously, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Macquarie University and Ray Znaor, Director, Office of Digital Government.

The session was recorded, and the recording below is only available to members of the CIO CoP. If you are a member of the CIO CoP and would like to view the recording, please contact us via this form to request access.

Watch session one below

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