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Boxing Day Tsunami (Thailand), Haiti Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans), the Great Hanshin Earthquake (Japan) and Cyclone Yasi (Queensland).

These are some of the devastating large-scale disasters which have effected countries, crippled economies and left millions of people displaced.

WA has been fortunate to escape large-scale disasters but the Perth Hills bushfires and the terrible impact they are having on people’s lives is an important reminder of the critical role that government services have in reducing the impact of these disasters.

The immediate aftermath of a disaster can cause confusion about the roles and responsibilities of non-core emergency management agencies that can slow the necessary, whole-of-government response. With our recent experience to draw upon in WA, is there a gap in our disaster preparedness if faced with a larger, more severe catastrophe?

This seminar was attended by public servants from across the sector who were interested in how their role might be expected to contribute to a whole-of-government response in time of large scale disasters.

By bringing insights from Queensland, Japan and Western Australia, this session illuminated the important but not always obvious roles for all government departments in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale disaster.

Topics Included

  • The Queensland experience
  • A perspective on Western Australia’s disaster preparedness
  • Lessons learned from recent large-scale disasters at home and abroad
  • The importance of individuals
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Dealing with complexity


The Queensland Experience: Immediate Response to Floods and Cyclones

Graeme Newton
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Download Graeme’s presentation

Lessons From The Great Hanshin Earthquake

Shingo Kouchi
Senior Recovery Expert
International Recovery Platform (IRP)

Download Shingo’s presentation

WA Disaster Preparedness

Geoff Hay
Assistant Director General
Office of State Security and Emergency Coordination
Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Download Geoff’s presentation

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