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Winners of the 2022 Institute of Public Administration Australia WA (IPAA WA) Achievement Awards were announced at an Awards luncheon held on Friday 9th December 2022 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Achievement Awards offer 19 categories of awards, ten open to individuals and nine for organisations.

2022 Award Winners and Nominees

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IPAA WA Patron’s Award

The highest accolade in public administration in WA awarded to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the State.

Winner: Garry Hunt PSM

Mr Garry Hunt is highly accomplished within and beyond the local government sector. Currently working as a specialist consultant for local government with his own Consulting Group, he has earned recognition for his innovation, vision, business acumen and his collaborative and engaging leadership.

He has pursued an outstanding career whilst supporting his community, fostering excellence in public administration and management, and connecting industry with local government. He is dedicated to being involved in the community and utilises his experience and skills in committing himself and his time to non-executive roles on several boards. Mr Hunt epitomises the true spirit of leadership and commitment with his devotion to local government and the communities and people they represent.

Murdoch University Leader of the Year Working in State or Federal Government

Winner: Michael Barnes Department of Treasury WA

Under Treasurer Michael Barnes continually displays leadership that delivers superior outcomes for the benefit of the WA community.

Michael is constantly sought after for his valued advice from Ministers, public sector leaders and external stakeholders. He strives to build partnerships and provide pragmatic solutions to complex issues.  His work ethic and attention to detail is second to none. His diligence, focus and leadership has repaired the State’s finances and enabled considerable additional investment into front line services during the COVID 19 pandemic.   His leadership has resulted in WA recently receiving the S&P Global AAA credit rating.

Leader of the Year Working within a Division, Team or Organisation

Winner: Mark Bryden Department of Finance

Mark is a passionate and humble leader of high integrity.  He leads teams across the State, applying his extensive people, contractual and legal knowledge to deliver pragmatic procurement and infrastructure-related solutions.

Mark leads by providing practical support to his team and empowers them so they can deliver and learn. He has immense commitment to his job, and the WA community, and as a result Mark goes above and beyond his role to deliver great outcomes, including volunteering his time on behalf of Finance during recovery efforts such as the Wooroloo bushfires and Cyclone Seroja.

Special Commendation:

  • Sue Kiely, Department of Health

Leader of the Year in the Not for Profit Sector

Winner: Michael Piu St Patrick’s Community Support Centre

Michael Piu is an collaborative, strategic and innovative community sector leader who is taking bold action to end chronic homelessness in our community.

As Chief Executive Officer of St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, he has grown the organisation from a grassroots service into a highly regarded specialist homelessness support agency and housing provider, making a real and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of people. A passionate advocate for change, Michael has dedicated his life to creating a fair and just community for everyone who calls Western Australia home.

Special Commendations:

  • Debra Zanella, Ruah Community Services
  • Louise Giolitto, WA Council of Social Service Inc

Leader of the Year in Local Government

Winner: Michelle Reynolds City of Perth 

Over two years, Ms Reynolds has transformed the City via an Evolution to Excellence program.

This was the strategic direction for re-setting the organisation following a period of Commissioners, instability in leadership and the Perth Inquiry recommendations that were released just as she commenced at the City.

This nomination was proposed by the General Managers and is supported by the Lord Mayor. The nomination recognises the significant leadership demonstrated since Ms Reynolds commenced in August 2020.

Public Sector Commission Award for Young Leader of the Year

Winner: Russell Wells Department of Fire and Emergency Services

District Officer Russell Wells is highly-deserving nominee given his outstanding work in leading a recently established training delivery team at the Bushfire Centre of Excellence, striving to build skills and capability in bushfire management across WA.

Russell has established a competent training delivery team that supports development and update of bushfire training products that are designed to build, enhance and maintain vital bushfire and planned burning skills across the broad bushfire sector in WA.

Human Resource Management Practitioner of the Year

Winner: Sharon Viles Health Support Services

Sharon Viles, Director, Employee Services at Health Support Services has been an integral part of the COVID-19 recruitment response across the WA health system, successfully implementing systems and processes to streamline recruitment as well as managing recruitment for over 10,000 appointments.

Throughout the pandemic, Sharon worked alongside all the HSPs to ensure that the COVID-19 rapid recruitment process works for all of them. An outstanding human resources leader, Sharon has consistently demonstrated the HSS values with her innovative approach to solving this incredibly complex and urgent recruitment problem. Sharon has achieved significant outcomes in a very short space of time.

Special Commendations:

  • Suzanne McCavanagh, Forest Products Commission
  • Janelle Shinners, DevelopmentWA

Information Technology Practitioner of the Year

Winner: Ralph Bates Health Support Services

Ralph Bates is a charismatic leader who took on the role of Executive Director, COVID-19 Response in December 2020 to support Health Support Services in responding to the evolving COVID-19 ICT requirements of the health system. Ralph has achieved significant outcomes in a short space of time.

With his innovative approach to problems, and the speed at which he’s led the implementation of initiatives, he has consistently demonstrated the HSS values. More importantly, he has ensured that the WA health system and the broader WA public is supported through the COVID-19 pandemic by excellent contemporary technology solutions.

Special Commendation:

  • Christopher Tansell, Child and Adolescent Health Service

Policy Practitioner of the Year

Winner: Sue Meaghan Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Ms Sue Meaghan is nominated for her role in leading the native title policy and litigation matters. Sue has been fundamental in improving relationships with Aboriginal people in WA, as well as driving policy reform to ensure improved social, economic and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal people in Western Australia.

She has gone above and beyond in leading and promoting whole of government collaboration with, and outcomes for, Aboriginal Western Australians to ensure that Native Title consent determinations and agreements have become the pillars of Aboriginal cultural authority and social and economic development.

Special Commendation:

  • Marzia Zamir, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Department of Finance Award for Finance Practitioner of the Year

Winner: Philippa Beamish Burton Department of Education

Philippa is an outstanding chief financial officer who expertly wields her knowledge and expertise to manage one of the largest budgets in the Western Australian public service. She has garnered an incredible amount respect for our financial control and compliance through driving best-practice and the highest standards. Philippa is also an incredible leader who empowers everyone in the Department to improve, achieve, and give the best possible results for the children and young people of WA. An avid innovator who instruments change, Philippa is in tune with the pulse of the Department and our public schools.

Her incredible contribution to our COVID-19 response was crucial to our success in providing PPE and hygiene supplies to our teachers and students during the height of the pandemic. Philippa’s calm presence and expert assurance was greatly valued in a time of high pressure and uncertainty.

Special Commendation:

  • John Arkell, WA Country Health Services

Australian Evaluation Society Award for Best Practice in Public Sector Evaluation

Winner: Evaluation of Parenting Programs Department of Communities

The Department of Communities (Communities) delivers three parenting programs targeted at parents/carers of children: Parenting Line; Residential Parenting Service; and Parenting Services. These programs assist parents and carers to address parenting issues, including sleep, settling, feeding, and addressing behavioural challenges, by providing support, education and counselling.

In 2021, Communities’ evaluators completed the evaluations of three parenting programs. The findings of the evaluations indicate that: the programs are achieving their outcomes; they are appropriate; effective and value for money; and key lessons learned were identified to improve the programs. The results informed a business case for future funding of the programs.

Special Commendation:

  • ServiceWA Pilot, Department of Finance

Office of Digital Government Award for Best Practice in Digital Transformation

Winner: Smart Port Digital Initiatives Fremantle Ports

Fremantle Ports’ purpose is to facilitate trade for a more prosperous Western Australia. We understand that Ports of the future must be smart and digital to remain relevant and sustainable, and our ability to combine digital and physical infrastructure is going to be one of our biggest challenges.

Digitisation is a “game changer” when driving efficiency and productivity throughout the maritime and landside supply chains, providing visibility, transparency and improving reliability, allowing better data-driven decisions. Our submission summarises our digital exploratory journey, all the way to being a leading example among Australian Ports.

Business News Award for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector

Winner: Noongar Mia Bidee – Noongar Housing Pathways; Moorditj Mia – Aboriginal Housing First Support Service; Mia Moort – Research & Advocacy Noongar Mia Mia

Noongar Mia Mia (NMM) is Perth’s only Aboriginal Community Housing Provider, recognised as the peak housing body for Noongar & Aboriginal people on Noongar country.

In under 2 years, NMM has grown from 3 to 20 staff, and undergone mainstream and cultural governance work to ensure robust, sustainable and best-practice growth in line with Noongar values. NMM has also led the way in reimagining the Housing First model to better address cultural factors, developing best-practice in how to work with Aboriginal people to improve housing outcomes, and sharing knowledge with other organisations for a more culturally responsive housing sector.

Special Commendation:

  • Bold stride towards ending homelessness, Ruah Community Services

Moore Australia (WA) Award for Best Practice in Collaboration Between Government and any other Organisation (Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners)

Gold Winner: Safe & Found WA Safe & Found WA Team

Safe & Found WA is an initiative introduced by Western Australia Police Force and Australia Medic Alert Foundation.

Safe & Found supports people living with a cognitive impairment who might be at risk of becoming lost or reported as missing, by ensuring Police have immediate access to critical information to assist when undertaking search operations.

A detailed profile outlining personal history and characteristics is completed and kept securely along with a recent photo, on the Safe & Found database for Police to access in an emergency. A Safe & Found ID bracelet is included in the membership to protect members.

Silver Winner: Aboriginal COVID-19 Vaccination Initiative WA COVID-19 Vaccination Program

The WACVP Aboriginal COVID-19 Vaccination Initiative was established to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccinations for Aboriginal people across WA. Collaboration with non-Government organisations, community engagement and support, targeted strategies, resources and campaigns enabled a high uptake of the vaccine amongst Aboriginal people. To date, 82.2% of Aboriginal people aged 16+ in WA have had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 76.4% have received their second dose.

As a result of the successful partnerships developed with local community organisations, Community Leaders and Aboriginal Elders, Aboriginal COVID-19 vaccination rates in WA are one of the highest levels nation-wide..

Bronze Winner: Little Fulla Yarns – Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program State Library of Western Australia  

Little Fulla Yarns is an early literacy program developed by Better Beginnings at the State Library of Western Australia which aims to provide Aboriginal families and communities with the tools and resources to embed early literacy skills and practices into daily life, in ways that reflect both Aboriginal and Western styles of learning.

Through extensive consultation with key community stakeholders, the program provides targeted resources which support Aboriginal families to build their child’s early literacy and language skills; skills that will be critical for future success at school and later in life.

Special Commendations:

  • 2021 Toyota AFL Grand Final, VenuesWest; et al.
  • Nature Play WA, Nature Play WA; Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
  • The Housing Stability Project, Anglicare WA; DMIRS(Consumer Protection Division)

Australia Post Award for Best Practice in Collaboration Across Government Agencies (Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners)

Gold Winner: ServiceWA App Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Health Support Services; Department of Finance; WA Police Force

The ServiceWA App, developed through multi-agency collaboration between the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Health Support Services, Department of Finance and the WA Police Force, was deployed to facilitate the State’s Transition Plan to ease border controls. Utilising whole of government capabilities, the App provided people with the ability to check-in, provide proof of vaccination, and travel to WA in a safe, secure and seamless way.

The App allows users to access various Government services in one convenient location, and services available through the app will continue to be expanded into the future.

Silver Winner: Pre-birth Planning Pilot Program Department of Communities; King Edward Memorial Hospital; Fiona Stanley Hospital

The Pre-birth Planning Project is an innovative collaboration between Department of Communities, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital that plans prenatally for the safety of newborn vulnerable babies.

The program was designed to bring families together with their own safety network, child protection workers and child health professionals to promote the safety, wellbeing and health of at-risk unborn infants and where possible, prevent newborn infants entering the care of the CEO of Communities from birth. The pilot has received positive feedback and remarkable results with a marked decrease in the number of children entering care.

Bronze Winner: Compass Engagement Program Department of Education – The Southwest Education Region

Students who engage in regular education from Kindergarten to Year 12 have access to the preconditions for success in contributing to society positively.

Throughout a child’s educational pathway, three critical transition points require internal familial support or external interagency support to maintain positive educational momentum.

  1. Kindergarten to Year 1
  2. Year 6 to Year 7; and
  3. Year 9 through to Senior Secondary.

The Compass Engagement Program is an innovative place-based initiative that delivers case management across years 6 to 10. Compass’ holistic lens delivers cross-agency commitment to every student, improving efficiency in addressing barriers to school engagement.

Best Practice in Corporate Social Values

Winner: Outback Way Main Roads WA

The Outback Way project has delivered outstanding achievements in remote regional road upgrades, whilst also providing employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people, to work on country. This project exceeded employment targets set, and has provided sustainable career opportunities for local people.

Special Commendation:

  • Tracks to Two-Way Learning, Department of Education

Department of Health Award for Best Practice in Health and Wellbeing

Winner: Cockburn Aboriginal Ear Health Program Cockburn Integrated Health and Partners

Cockburn Integrated Health, in partnership with Telethon Kids Institute, Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Corporation, Telethon Speech and Hearing, Hearing Australia, Child and Adolescent Community Health, Dr George Sim, Dr Francis Lannigan, St John of God Murdoch and Rockingham Hospital

The Cockburn Aboriginal Ear Health Program was established to provide timely, free and culturally secure access to ear health services to Aboriginal children rather than waiting for care on long Public Health waitlists. Data reported nationally suggests that Aboriginal children are 5 times more likely to develop chronic middle ear disease than non-Aboriginal children. This can lead to hearing loss which impacts on speech development and subsequent learning delay. Aboriginal children referred to the Cockburn program are seen within a month as compared to the up to a three year wait through the Public Health System.

Special Commendation:

  • Aboriginal Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Health Service

Lotterywest Award for  Best Practice in LGBTI Inclusion

Winner: SHQ Queer and Ally Working Group Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ)

Sexual Health Quarters (SHQs) Queer and Ally Working Group is designed to be a space for the organisation to draw on the experiences of LGBTI+ and Ally staff and is comprised of individuals across all departments and makes recommendations on SHQ activities, documents, and practices. Over the past 12 months, the Group has focused on guiding and successfully leading the organisation to achieve Rainbow Tick Accreditation. Being accredited against Rainbow Tick Standards outwardly demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to ensuring we are a safe and inclusive service provider and employer for members of the LGBTI+ community.

Commissioner for Children and Young People Award for Best Practice in Children’s Consultation (Two winners)

Winner: Talk N Walk Nature Play WA  

Through delivery of the Talk N Walk project Nature Play WA has consulted a diverse cohort of 103 children and young people to develop an innovative, scalable, digital solution to the dramatic drop-off in physical activity amongst 11–14-year-old-girls that’s affecting their mental and physical health.

Through co-design and piloting of the Talk N Walk app, we asked 11-14-year-old girls what’s important to them and why they aren’t more active, we listened to what they had to say and we empowered them to work with us to create a solution.

Winner: The Sun Safe Project Telethon Kids Institute  

The team have recently developed an iOS smartphone app (Sun Safe) with significant consultation and input by young teenagers (aged 12–13 years). Sun Safe flexibly links features (e.g., sun health knowledge) requested by young people with a health promotion message of using sun protection when the UV Index is ≥3, as perpetuated by Cancer Councils WA. The inclusive co-design process underpinning Sun Safe produced an app that is useful, relevant, and accepted by young people. We have recently found that young teenagers (12–13 years) living in Perth who used Sun Safe, increased their knowledge of the UV Index..

Special Commendation:

  • Balga Teen Family Education Program, Sexual Health Quarters

Best Practice in Innovation (Two winners in General category and Two winners in COVID Response category)

General Category Winner: My Bushfire Plan Department of Fire and Emergency Services Media and Corporate Communications

To help the community better prepare and keep themselves, their loved ones, and properties safe when a bushfire strikes, DFES launched the My Bushfire Plan website and companion app to make it simple for Western Australians to make a customised bushfire plan for the whole family.

Guiding users through the creation of a plan in easy-to-follow steps, the locally developed app helps communities take action and avoid making last minute decisions that could prove deadly during a bushfire. The app is easy to use, includes enhanced visual prompts, drop-down fields, and the ability to create multiple plans per use.

General Category Winner: The Wajarri Language Program  Beachlands Primary School  

The Beachlands Primary School Wajarri Language Program is an innovative approach for embedding Aboriginal Language and culture revival in a mainstream school setting. Demonstrating a commitment to best practices in Aboriginal education to achieve successful outcomes for all students is at the centre of the school’s improvement agenda..

COVID Response Category Winner: Keeping our schools open

Department of Education

Term 1 saw approximately 5,500 school-based staff in isolation after either testing positive to COVID-19 or becoming a close contact to someone with COVID-19. This saw a devastating level of employee absence with significant stress placed on remaining school-based staff to keep the learning going.

The COVID-19 Staffing Response team was established to plan and implement a strategy that addressed staff shortages across our 800 plus schools.

COVID Response Category Winner: Legal Aid WA Covid Duty Lawyer Hubs

Legal Aid Commission Western Australia

In early 2022 in anticipation of the opening of Western Australia’s borders, Legal Aid WA adopted a Duty Lawyer Hub service delivery model in order to ensure ongoing access to justice for some of Western Australia’s most vulnerable clients.

Our large duty lawyer team servicing over 60 court lists a week in the wider Perth metropolitan area and Mandurah were split into four smaller dedicated legal teams that each included separate administrative and paralegal support. Through excellent collaboration this service has continued to deliver quality duty lawyer services during periods of extreme stress and unprecedented staff shortages.

Special Commendations:

  • Peel Therapeutic Women’s Refuge, Warlang Bidi, Department of Communities
  • Housing and Assets Spot Purchasing Program, Department of Communities

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