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This short sharp webinar brought you two critical perspectives on the challenges and opportunities inherent in redirecting the public sector workforce in response to a pandemic. This session provided team members and leaders with insights to improve their performance.

Earlier this year, ‘Circular 7/2020 – Government-initiated changes related to COVID-19 – workforce arrangements’ established the broad parameters for redirection. This sharp session explored how individuals respond to significant and widespread change and discuss the conditions in which redirection is and isn’t working around the sector.

Toni Walkington brought her wealth of experience across a range of roles, including as the Industrial Relations Commissioner, to the conversation and was joined by in-demand leadership consultant and psychologist, Heather McGregor-Bayne. Together they teased out conditions for successful redirection at the individual and group level.


Heather McGregor-Bayne
Director and Psychologist
Total Leadership and Coach Solutions

Toni Walkington
W.A. Industrial Relations Commission

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