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Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) is a leading provider of specialist services in sexual and reproductive health in WA since its inception in 1972. SHQ is an independent, non-for-profit organisation which aims to promote sexual health and wellbeing to all Western Australians. SHQ has provided LGBTIQA+ diversity and inclusion training as component for all its training courses for professionals such as doctors, nurses, police officers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Educational Officers, teachers, youth workers, counsellors, and allied health professionals. In response to emerging market need, SHQ created our stand-alone LGBTIQA+ diversity training for professionals and workplaces to be more inclusive of diverse staff and clients. LGBTIQA+ Diversity Training is delivered by experienced facilitators with over 50 years’ experience in education and training.

Courses by Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ)

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