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We offer a range of high quality events, from full-day conferences to intimate seminars and lectures, all bringing you the latest thinking and innovation in public administration.

Upcoming Events


We are a leading training provider to the WA public sector, and we deliver relevant, professional, high-quality  learning and development programs.

Upcoming Courses

Executive Writing Skills
Write less but be understood more, and develop your skills as an effective executive writer.
Communication Skills
Proactive Conflict Management
Confidently and proactively approach and resolve conflict in your workplace
Leadership & Management
Negotiating with Confidence
Review your negotiation skills and plan for a negotiation using a formal process
Communication Skills
Writing Policy Documents
Government & Policy
Culture Matters
Learn how to work effectively with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) people
Diversity & Inclusion
Improving Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal Intercultural Communication
Include newly-gained knowledge of language difference in all your planning and service delivery.
Diversity & Inclusion
Introduction to Risk Management
Understand risk management and how to effectively make decisions in accordance with your organisation’s risk management practices
Business & Finance
Develop your Inclusive Leadership Mindset
Leverage the diverse talents that reside within your team.
Diversity & Inclusion

Other Services

In addition to our Events and Training above, we also offer the four below services to our members and those working in or with the public service.

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